Monster (Lauren Rae)

Owner. Creator. Purveyor.

With a background in the world of antiques, I created this world for all to enjoy and feel comfortable within the Parlour’s walls. Somewhere safe and warm for all to feel comfortable in learning something new and meeting new friends.

Welcome home, Darkling.


Original Parlour Boy, Rapper

Hi! I’m Josh; skeleton salesman extraordinaire! My job here at The Dark Parlour is to help you with anything and everything you might need once you step foot into our lovely shop. It’s been that way ever since we opened our doors.

In my spare time you can catch me trying to be an aspiring rapper. I go by the name Vampires4hire and you can check me out anywhere you listen to music!

I’ve always been into the spookier side of things and I’d be happy to share some of my haunted knowledge with anyone willing to listen. Please don’t hesitate to approach me with any questions. If you’re curious about anything in our shop, chances are I’ve got a story to tell.


Diviner, Herbalist, Mage

Join Rissa for tea and empathy over a tea leaf reading session at the Parlour. Or if your tastes are more esoteric, venture into the liminal with her for a capnomancy reading, where she interprets the patterns in smoke. Rissa’s specialty is the rare and mysterious, allowing her to notch into the shadows quite well. Her magic is earthy, her sun sign is water, and her way of seeing the world is always curious, always mystical. When she’s not exploring the dark side of the soul, Rissa is also a magazine editor, professional photographer, and haunted history tour guide.

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