We have a wonderful family of talented creatures here at The Dark Parlour that serve a variety of needs, not only within the retail establishment, but also within arts, music and entertainment.

Josh Holmes

Josh Holmes – Original Parlour Boy

“Hello all I’m Josh, resident Skeleton Salesman!

Most of you have probably seen my face around the Parlour, whether it be behind the counter or maybe you’ve seen me on the Mourning News (live Thursdays at noon!) If you’ve came into our shop, chances are I probably greeted you. I’ve been a staple around here ever since we opened our doors! Being heavily in history, antiques, the spookier side of things, I’ve naturally found my place here at the Parlour. Don’t be afraid to ask me any questions if you are curious about something in our shop, I just might know a thing or two to help you.”

If you’re into dark trap, stick around and you might catch a performance from Josh here at the Parlour as

Rissa Miller

Rissa Miller – Resident Tasseomancer, Diviner, Herbalist

Join Rissa, house diviner & herbalist, for tea and empathy over a tea leaf reading at the Parlour. If your tastes are more esoteric, venture into the liminal with her for a capnomancy session, where she interprets the patterns in smoke. Rissa’s specialty is the rare and mysterious, allowing her to notch into the shadows quite well. Her magic is earthy, her passions ground in herbalism; her sun sign is water,  her way of seeing the world is always curious, always mystical. When she’s not exploring the shadows of the soul, Rissa is also a magazine editor, professional photographer, and haunted history tour guide.

Learn more about all of the wonderful things Rissa does:

Krystal Younglove The Indestructible Lady

Krystal Younglove The Indestructible Lady – Resident Circus Sweetheart, Entertainment Coordinator of Fang Around

Steel your hearts and behold The Dark Parlour’s very own Circus Sweetheart, Krystal Younglove The Indestructible Lady – Reminiscent of classic 10-in-1 circus sideshow, Krystal Younglove brings you a squeamish inducing delight. From bone shattering animal traps, walking on glass, eating fire, invulnerability to the bed of nails, feats of strength, and hammering nails into her head… she has certainly made a career out of all the things your mama told you not to do!

Krystal is the resident Sideshow artist at the Dark Parlour and Entertainment Organizer for Fang Around. If you’re lucky, you might be able to catch her lurking around the shop during the week. She only appears when she wants the humans to see her. Occasionally with a little persuasion and maybe some bribery, she can provide her slightly absurd, sometimes educational 10 cent shop tour.

If you missed your chance to hang out with her, Frida, and Ms. Jackson, be sure to follow her on all socials:

The Gram: @KrystalYounglove
The Book of Faces: facebook.com/LadyYounglove

DJ Stygian

DJ STYGIAN -Resident Parlour DJ

Stygian is Lancaster, PA’s premier queer DJ spinning goth, industrial and industrial bass, pride, 80s, and house with an emphasis on highlighting lgbtq+ artists. Catch Stygian spinning all the best sounds at a variety of TDP events and more.
FB/Insta/Twitter: DJSTYGIAN
Inquiries: djstygianlancaster@gmail.com
Lancaster PA queer DJ – goth, 80s, pride | Stygian


DJ JBDUBZ – Resident Parlour DJ

DJ JBDubz joined the Parlour fam in October 2021 during our 2nd Fang Around Event, The Spooktober Edition. Find him playing Goth, Deathrock, Punk, Industrial, 80’s, New Wave, Black Metal and more at various art-making nights and more here at The Dark Parlour.

Social Links/Contact:

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