The Dark Parlour is a unique shopping experience designed to enlighten the curious and create a home for the strange. A Haus of Obscurities and a Left-Hand Path shop, offering antiques that focus on dark and strange things; pieces of history that explore the human condition. We have five rooms of retail space exploring victorian funerary practices, anatomy & structure of varying levels of the animal kingdom, religious practices, occult studies/practices, and pop culture.

Every day is Halloween in the shop, where real medical human skeletons wait with a toothy grin to greet you at the door. A destination spot to shop and learn about the darker things in this world. More than a natural history museum, The Dark Parlour is a one stop experience to fill your senses with dark aesthetics and purchase something for your curio shelves. Built in 1900, the row home was transformed to reflect a darkly romantic Victorian aesthetic. Rooms are divided into themes, and our main retail attractions include medical specimens, the occult and the gallery. We are located south-centrally in York, Pennsylvania near the major routes of I83, PA Turnpike 76 and Rte 30. We are 30 minutes from Harrisburg, 25 minutes from Lancaster, 45 minutes from Gettysburg and 60 minutes from Baltimore!

Additionally, we exhibit artists in a separate room. The Dark Gallery is designed to showcase Dark Artists – those that emotionally, spiritually and magickly charge their creations. Through Dark Art, we can find creative productivity, trapping the negative and controlling it on substrate.

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