Monster – Owner

Owner and creator of The Dark Parlour. “Monster” (Lauren Rae) grew up in a world of antiques and art. She had a vision and a goal to create a space that would have been the ideal spot in her youth to not only shop, but to learn history, experience art and music, and make new friends. Her experience in antiques began with her parents as a young child following in her parents’ shadows and learning the ropes of flea markets and auctions. Her mother was a realistic graphite artist and her father a machinist and creator. A childhood full of art, creation and history allowed monster to follow in her parents’ footsteps which eventually led to the The Dark Parlour.

As an alternative individual growing up in punk and goth scenes, she felt at home amid the dark and macabre wonders of the world, which provides a great resource when booking various acoustic music events. Also, as former special fx makeup artist and prop maker, you will often find her in some form of character while in the shop (usually a clown). Monster has also previously performed in the York Symphony in the brass section, and has also worked with THEDESTRUCTPRINCIPLE., as stage performer, creator/designer and manager. she has a B.S. in Graphic Design, former business credits, and plentiful knowledge to share. The various events held at shop are vital in her goal of sharing art, music and education with our beloved darklings.

Monster welcomes all of her darklings who walk through the doors of The Dark Parlour with open claws.


Josh – Brand Influencer & Original Parlour Boy

If you’ve entered into the The Dark Parlour anytime since our grand opening there is a pretty good chance you might have crossed paths with Josh, our original Parlour Boy.

“Working here has been the most educational and entertaining experience I’ve ever encountered; it’s the best job I’ve ever had. I’m 22, born in Harrisburg but moved to North Carolina for a short while before returning back to PA – where I met the Owner back when she was my manager at spirit Halloween. She has since became much more than a boss, she is my teacher and my friend. Now I work for her and I couldn’t have asked for a cooler job. From dissecting raccoons to selling tattooed pigs feet in jars and human vertebrae, it’s an adventure every day. 

When I have time I make music under the name vampires4hire, singing and rapping have always been some of my favorite ways to release emotion, I could name a bunch of other reason why I do it but to be honest the main reason is that it’s crazy fun, and I love fun.

My Favorite oddity we (used to) have is my lost love Helen, our first female skeleton unfortunately she has been sold but she was our first articulated female skeleton so she’ll forever have a place in my heart. I always try to go out of my way to be nice friendly and approachable, I love true crime and horror fiction, I probably enjoy the latter a little more. I’m a big movie buff some of my favorite directors are Alfred Hitchcock, Christopher Nolan, and David Fincher. I think my love of films and television stems from my dream of always wanted to be an actor. That and I just love stories. 

Well that’s about it, Come on into The Dark Parlour and see me! I really am excited to meet you . 🙂 “

Razor De Rockefeller

Razor De Rockefeller – Purveyor of the Strange

For over 15 years, Razor De Rockefeller has boasted being “an ugly girl who likes ugly things.”  embracing the good, the bad, and the grotesque side of art and beauty.

Razor worked as an avant-garde makeup artist and stylist for print, film, theater, and digital media, a body modification artist, musician, singer, performer, alternative model, doll artist and blood painter.  Believing the body is meant to be a work of art, a temple of higher learning, and a vessel to transcend the human experience, she identifies as a living doll and feels that we are to design and evolve ourselves into what and who we want to be, mind, body, and consciousness. 

Working at The Dark Parlour has been the realization of a lifelong dream for her, being able to learn about the dark histories of mankind, life, death, the occult, and beyond.  When she isn’t serving as an orderly to the obscure, Razor is also a roller derby skater for Harrisburg Area Roller Derby, lead singer and ukuleleist for The Mary Lous, and an artist at TrashCAN Creations.  Her favorite antiques and oddities to collect are Christian iconography, Victorian mourning pieces, dolls, puppets, and automatons, and of course human teeth.


Isaac – Parlour Boy & Tech Guy

Isaac is our newest addition to our family here at The Dark Parlour. A big kid from a small town, he has always tried to see the light in the dark.

“The world is an oyster, and we all are its pearls.”

Isaac loves working at the shop with his new found family, and enjoys making new friends with our darklings. His favorite item in the shop is our mascot, Hank the Screwhead (a late Victorian real human skeleton in a coffin used by the Oddfellows). He’s a big fan of bmx biking for pleasure. isaac also builds computers, so if you ever need tech help give him a shout!

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