JULY 2023


Up to 3 pieces per artist for exhibits

The Dark Parlour is looking for artists that explore themes of Circus.

Submission Deadline is June 17th.


The Dark Parlour is looking artists to submit works that explores Circus themes.

Circuses create a visually striking composition for artist interpretation, from acrobats, to animals, clowns, sideshow, performance, costuming, lights, draping, food, and more. The entire aesthetic is ripe for further visual interpretation.

At the height of popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in America, the traveling circus provided a form of entertainment for all, with accessibility towards family engagement, meeting new friends, or courting someone. Everyone went to the circus!

Behind the scenes, circus entertainers would experience a variety of emotion, spending long days traveling, working on their acts, costuming, and more.

What do you think of when it comes to the Circus? What do you want to visually communicate with an audience?


Lauren Rae, York PA 2017

Submission period is May 17th – June 17th, with Drop-Offs by June 25th. We are expecting a few installation pieces for this collective exhibit and will need additional time for install and hanging works.

The Dark Parlour accepts a variety of mediums of art and craft. If you’re unsure, just ask! We’ve previously exhibited solo artists that work with oils, acrylics, photography, videography, and more.

Works will be displayed for the month of July, opening First Friday, July 7th.
Our Dark Gallery does not necessarily mean “dark and macabre artwork”. We just like the walls black to create a truly unique viewing experience unlike most galleries with starch white walls.

Submission guidelines. Please read carefully:
1. Email with high resolution photos of your work either attached or linked in a drive. Photos must include a neutral background for submission, as this is used in additional promotional material. Up to three (3) artworks per submission are allowed.

2. Include exhibiting name, location, titles of works, prices of works, and size.

3. Submissions must be ready to hang/display.

4. Include a brief bio and/or an Artist’s Statement, and some points of information, facts, data, statistics, etc. that correlate directly to your pieces and the theme of the exhibit.

There is NO fee to submit works. Upon acceptance of your works, a $5 acceptance fee will be invoiced, with a portion to be donated to a local environmental initiative at the conclusion of the showcase. The Dark Parlour collects 30% Commission on all sold works.

Need a prompt? Need help? Don’t know where to start? Please reach out. We are here for you.