Collective Showcase


An exploration of nature magick.

The Dark Parlour encourages artists to submit works that explore Nature Magick.

These pieces will be on display for Fang Around The Cauldron – a large district wide event.

Take a look at the magic of the natural world and all of its elements.

Submission guidelines:

1. Email with photos of up to 3 submissions in any style and medium. The imagery should explore nature magic and the natural world in some form. Photos must include a neutral background for submission, as this is used in additional promotional material.

2. Include exhibiting name, location, titles of works, prices of works, and size.

3. Submissions must be ready to hang/display.

4. Include a brief bio and some points of interest specific to you that you’d like to include in regards to the theme of the show.

There is NO fee to submit works. Upon acceptance of your works, a $15 acceptance fee will be invoiced, with a portion to be donated to a local environmental initiative at the conclusion of the showcase.


Lauren Rae, York PA April 8th, 2022

To visually communicate the theme of Green Witch, artists can use any method of creation. We accept painting, drawing, fabric art, sculpture, and photography. Digital illustration is limited and must be original.


Your works should involve the relationship of earth with yourself, whether it be through plantlife, wildlife, or the elements.

Working with the elements, herbalism, healing, divination, and more can be incorporated into your craft. Nature is divine and provides many benefits and resources. For an April themed showcase, it is our goal to show imagery that explores the green witch aesthetic. How does that affect others? What does it mean to you?

If you’d like to submit work, but are not sure how to start, we suggest taking some time in nature to see what calls to you. Visit your favorite park for inspiration.