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We bring you… SIYC Podcast

Remember, remember! The 5th of November! The fam teams up for our all new podcast: SKELETONS IN YOUR CLOSET. A place of rambling between ourselves and others. We talk death, the occult, paranormal, collecting, and more. Follow us to stay up to date on episodes. Episode 1: The Guts drop NOVEMBER 5th at 12am.

Introducing Glam Goth Beauty, Morbidly Made, Asylum Antix FX and More!

We’ve been working hard on adding more and more crafters, artisans and makers. Morbidly Made includes quality products such as tees, patches, pins and stickers. Darklings can satisfy their beauty needs with Glam Goth Beauty products. Spooky Season is HERE. Grab a custom resin mask from Asylum Antix FX. Stop into the shop to see…

(Language Warning – and I am not sorry about it.) Fuck Racism. Fuck Hate. Fuck Intolerance. Fuck Racial Injustice. It’s fucking time for change.

I’m finally taking some time to update the website other than social media. The world has been going through some serious shit and it’s time everybody stops for a beat and listens. The Dark Parlour, and ALL staff support Black Lives Matter. Fuck Racism. Fuck prejudice. Fuck all the hateful bullshit that continues. The Dark…

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