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Diaphonized Goldfish

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Diaphonized goldfish by scientist Misty Moon of Blood Moon Oddities.

Diaphonization is a time consuming scientific process by which tissue is dyed after embalming to highlight skeletal structure, cartilage, or similar. Purchaser will receive similar specimen shown as photographed, properly preserved and stored in vegetable glycerine - a healthy and long-term storage preservative. Additional shipping costs to cover liquid material. Extra packing to maintain exceptional quality. Scientific glass jar dimensions: 2.5" x 0.5".

Note: Diaphonized specimens may appear darker at unpackaging dependent upon area light. For best display, we recommend a lighted curio cabinet with additional front and back lighting for best viewing.

For more options in diaphonized specimens, visit Blood Moon Oddities.

Disclaimer: All animal specimens are ethically sourced.

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