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Dead Sled Oddities Papua New Guinea (Whole)

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"Farmers high in the mountains on the mysterious island of Papua New Guinea developed a secret language only to be spoken during harvest. They believe the yield to be so sacred that using words from the civilized world could bring the crop harm.

Here at Dead Sled we feel all of our coffee is sacred, but our new single origin Papua New Guinea Coffee, curated by Ryan and Regina Cohn is extra special.

The bag showcases artifacts from Ryan and Regina’s personal collection, as well as stunning photography by Karen Jerzyk.

Inside of the bag is a single origin, certified organic coffee grown at an altitude of 1800 meters (Approx 5,905 ft.), and roasted to a medium/dark profile. It’s a rich coffee with a smooth, sweet, and clean finish. From the coffee to the packaging, we feel this is art wrapped in art.

ORIGIN: Papua New Guinea. Farm Organic Certified and grown at 1,800 meters.

TASTE: Rich and full with a complex but sweet, clean finish.

ROAST: Medium/Dark

Available in 12 oz. Bag.

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