With the renovations on the second floor of the Parlour comes the Red Reading Room, replacing the former Seance Room. It’s quite amazing how much space was created by eliminating those inverted crosses. Don’t worry, they’re only stored out of the way for future use. We’ve decided to expand options for books, both old and new, and create a space specifically designated for your reading and writing pleasure.

Within the Red Reading Room, it is our goal to bring in Authors for book signings and meet & greets, host Write-Ins (look for the Parlour Writers’ Guild write-in events coming in May), and have an additional working space for residents. From this room we will film Rissa’s upcoming LEGENDS series (also available as a talk beginning in June – See the Events Tab), and this space also provides an optimal area for divination such as Tarot and Oracle readings. Resident Christopher Strange was able to test out the space during April’s First Friday with Hypnosis and Intuitive Tarot readings. Success!

Within this space you’ll also find book related items, such as bookmarks, bags, reading lights, and more, of course in keeping with the theme of The Dark Parlour and all we have to offer.

The space officially launches during Fang Around with Jenny Allen Books! We are gathering a list of Authors to host already, and it’s quite exciting to see just how many local authors are present in York County and the surrounding areas! If you are an author looking for a space to expand your customer base, please contact us to schedule a book signing/meet & greet event at (If you’ve previously contacted us, please look for a response soon!)

Additionally with an increased focus on literary arts, we would like to organize a bi-monthly book club (sorry, 18+ adults only)!

Coven of Cliterature: Because a good book should never be hard to find.

Our club will focus on the genres of fantasy, paranormal, and horror romance and thrillers. Meeting bi-monthly beginning in June, we will convene within the Parlour to discuss our current readings with themed vittles and libations, and have the opportunity to illustrate/paint/draw our favorite characters and scenes, bringing them to life. Book magic is a thing, and we will summon it to existence!

To join the Coven (club), we would ask for a small club fee to help cover costs of any incurred expense, such as providing snacks and refreshments, art supplies, etc. Join us for $10.00 bi-monthly ($60.00/year) for a most excellent excuse to hang with your Parlour pals and have a literary good time.

Special shout out to Parlour friend Joey for suggesting such an excellent name and catch phrase for our club.

Be sure to bookmark our News page and check back often more updates on Red Reading Room delights, and all the new things we bring to The Dark Parlour.






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