Recent Updates at The Dark Parlour

Have you visited our revised Chaos room? If you’re not a fan of clowns, you might want to avoid walking down the hallway to enter the room… unless you’re brave! We’ve expanded Clown Nook to take over the entire area, but we have been working hard to bring new options to fans of the shop. These options include glassware, porcelain, and more that might be clown/circus/carnival/cute related items, and we are also expanding merch options to include more color. Check it out for yourself!

The Dark Parlour now has a subreddit community! Connect with us here and the new friends you might make while visiting the Haus! Our Discord server is still active as well.

Additionally, we have moved our occult related books in the Dark Gallery to create the Dark Library Gallery. In the future, we hope to create an actual free library for our Darklings to utilize. Take a seat in our Devil Rocker and kick back with a good book.

By moving the chair, we have been able to expand our selection of oracle and tarot decks along with books, and we’ve increased the inventory capacity in the seance parlour without obstructing too much of the dark library gallery.

Stay tuned for even more exciting updates as we continue to work hard for you.






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