Introducing Glam Goth Beauty, Morbidly Made, Asylum Antix FX and More!

We’ve been working hard on adding more and more crafters, artisans and makers.

Parlour Boy Josh shows off new swag from Morbidly Made.

Morbidly Made includes quality products such as tees, patches, pins and stickers.

Glam Goth Beauty now featured in The Dark Parlour

Darklings can satisfy their beauty needs with Glam Goth Beauty products.

Asylum Antix FX Resin Masks can be found in the new CLOWN NOOK.

Spooky Season is HERE. Grab a custom resin mask from Asylum Antix FX.

Bubblegum Baph Backpacks are now Available!

Stop into the shop to see all of the new merch.






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