(Language Warning – and I am not sorry about it.) Fuck Racism. Fuck Hate. Fuck Intolerance. Fuck Racial Injustice. It’s fucking time for change.

I’m finally taking some time to update the website other than social media.

The world has been going through some serious shit and it’s time everybody stops for a beat and listens.

The Dark Parlour, and ALL staff support Black Lives Matter. Fuck Racism. Fuck prejudice. Fuck all the hateful bullshit that continues. The Dark Parlour is a left-hand path shop, and this Satanist right here is and always has been against racism. We see you. We hear you. And we sure as fuck stand with our POC and LGBTQ+ Darklings and Friends.

Our local city protest against police brutality and justice for Mr. George Floyd was led by two SEVENTEEN year old best friends. It was moving, beautiful, and perfect: Learn More

We are focusing our efforts locally within York City to encourage funding for bright and successful futures of our city youth, our future leaders, change makers, innovators and creators… of all types. We are working with Weary Arts Group and The Parliament Arts Organization to further this funding, in addition to New Republic Printing (our favorite punk rock printers based in Alabama!). Look for these stickers within the next week. 100% of the profit will go to the city youth. More details on the specific program will be released as soon as Cal, Collin and myself can align our schedules. This might be in the form of a scholorship, a grant, several grants, whatever is needed to be to help enrich the lives of children.

5 choices, and a package option will be available.

For a list of punk/goth owned small businesses, peep your eyesballs here: https://stephano.me/fashion/blog/black-owned-goth-brands-list?fbclid=IwAR2kfHhkrHquNMFfuMr4ieViXEQ_nyYvrudbOuWnoNg0GtHtWDnPPOjOZUg

For a list of black-owned Kawaii brands: https://stephano.me/fashion/blog/black-owned-kawaii-brands-list?fbclid=IwAR0qdXaGBnNMK4dzma-RRwLTpNUlGpk1-26K2VPo_qAtjftHzy1jtOHC-Y8

For more information:

A Message to White Allies

Ways to Help


Black Visions Collective

The Human Rights Campaign (LGBTQ+)

North Star Health Collective

Stomp Out Cyber Bullying

What’s Wrong With Saying “All Lives Matter”? Educate yourself.

Defining White Privilege and what the Term Truly Means

Teaching Tolerance

I’m turning off comments for this to avoid any opportunity for nasty trolls that just want to aggrevate and instigate rather than enlighten and educate. If you have additional links, send them to me directly.

Much Lub, Darklings.

~ Monster