Beginning Friday May 29th we will be open to public:

πŸ’€Β We will resume public hours of:
– Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 5pm,
– SINday: 12pm – 5pm.

πŸ’€ Capacity will currently be limited to 10 Darklings at any one time. We will signal via signage at the front door.

πŸ’€The back entrance through King’s Courtyard will remain locked until further notice.

πŸ’€ Masks/Face coverings are required to enter The Dark Parlour at this time. If you have a health condition, please contact us, and we will make private accomodations for you.

πŸ’€ If you are sick, please stay home. If our staff is sick, they will stay home.

πŸ’€ Please try to limit handling of merchandise. We will continue repeated cleaning of frequently touched surfaces.

πŸ’€ Hand sanitizer spray is available at the register.

πŸ’€Β Social Distancing guidelines will be implemented. Please refrain from touching, hugging, shaking our hands. We miss you too, lots, but everyone should continue to be safe and smart. Acceptable signs of affection can include air hugs, air hand shakes, air fist bumps… air guitar.Β πŸ–€

We are so excited to see everyone again!

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