As of May 10th, York County remains in the RED with full mitigation efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While some lawmakers and citizens are petitioning and organizing for mutiny against Governor Tom Wolf’s mandates, The Dark Parlour will remain fully compliant.

Once York County has been reviewed and released to the YELLOW phase, The Dark Parlour will be available for curbside pickup via phone or video call requests of merchandise, and by privately scheduled appointment. Any Darkling entering our facility will be limited to one masked individual per appointment for the first portion of the YELLOW phase. As we move forward in controlling coronavirus, we will then allow limited customer entry up to 10 persons at any-one time, while maintaining guidelines with face-coverings/masks and 6′ of distance.

Not until York has been cleared for GREEN will we operate at a more normal routine through events and larger numbers of allowed customers.

The Dark Parlour will continue to adhere to all governing mandates and CDC guidelines/recommendations for small business retail operations. We will NOT jeopardize the safety, health or wellbeing of our Darklings or ourselves.

Pending signage for re-opening.

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